NATMonitor 3 is under development


9th of November: The second public beta has just been released.
14th of June: The first public beta has just been released.
5th of June: The first public alpha has just been released.

NATMonitor is an OpenSource (subject to the GPL license) tool to collect realtime statistics about your network hosts' internet usage.

NATMonitor sits on your Linux1 based NAT router, running as a daemon, overseeing the traffic on your network interfaces.

The traffic detected is categorized based on the host it belongs to (by IP address), to provide statistics allowing you to monitor the usage and spot abuses.

NATMonitor accepts connections on a TCP port, allowing client applications to connect to download the raw data and present them in a human readable format; two sample clients are provided, a console-based utility2 and a Java GUI, in addition to the ability to download the raw data with any browser.

The new version fixes all the shortcomings of v2.4, as it is designed to:

You can download the first alpha release or the latest development snapshot using Subversion from

Please refer to the project page (kindly hosted by Souceforge) for additional information, the documentation, features requests and bug reports, or post in the forum if you need any help.

Also, feel free to drop a mail to the developer (Piero Filippin - thedayofcondor {at} ).



Java client

Console client

1 other *NIX dialect will be supported - looking for testers
2 the console client is still under developement

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